Space Apps Challenge – Here in Pittsburgh!

PGHChallenges include software development, open hardware, and data visualization – not just smart phone applications!  Teams will make use of public data to design innovative solutions to a pre-determined set of global challenges. Focus -  space exploration & social needs.
@ the Tech Shop April 12-13

Check back for award winners!

Local i5/Science Fair Project – Could Save Millions of Dollars!

fontScience Fair/i5 Video Competition participant live on Huffington Post!

Her knows how to save the US Government millions of dollars.

Just change the font.

How cool is this idea?

Chicken from Hell??

chicken                                  Image by Mark Klingler,

                                 Carnegie Museum of Natural History

…Can you picture it?
When do you think it lived on earth?

Want to know more – please click.

Nanomotors in cells have arrived!

140211120350-nanoparticles-story-topResearchers have, for the first time, installed “nanomotors” inside live human cells. Wow.

They are small synthetic motors, gold rods less than the width of a human hair, that move around inside cells, and might one day be used to treat diseases.

How do you think they could cure diseases?

Jane Bond

Nilofer3-760x427Jane Bond is here!

No time like now for gender equaity.

…Are you a Jane Bond (of IT, science,…)?

Just discovered – Your Brain Has an Area for Reviewing Bad Decisions

The Temptation of Adam and EveAdam and Eve: possible victims of an underdeveloped lateral frontal pole. Illustration: Corbis

New brain area tells us when we have been wrong – when a situation just is not working out! This appears to be a region only humans have.

What other regions in the brain do you think they will find?

Busy Year for the Environment & NASA


image: Britt Griswold

NASA is launching a precipitation-measuring satellite next month starting a busy year for NASA’s Earth-observation program. This satellite’s measurements will improve scientists’ understanding of climate change and the global water cycle, All totaled the space agency will launch five Earth-science missions this calendar year.

What do you think they might find out?