Meet the First Woman to Win Math’s Most Prestigious Prize

140813084312-math-highest-award-goes-to-a-woman-story-topCatch her video.

Imagine being the first woman.

What are you most impressed by?
Surprised by?

Art Park to Generate Wind Energy


It’s a park that generates wind energy!

What do you think?

Local Student Google Global Finalist

googleCheck this out. Google Science Fair Global finalists -

15 Ways to Change the World!

Do you have a favorite project? Why??

Gene Therapy Creates A Biological Pacemaker—No Wires Required

heart-feature-757x467Scientists are working using pigs on gene therapy – to change a small area of heart muscle into a specialized group of cells that can then start a heartbeat. Really this will be  a biological pacemaker.

Does this seem real to you?

What could you envision being created next?

Exoskeleton Approved for Use

ReWalk-exoskeleton1122316The first exoskeleton has been approved for use.

How many folks lives will change?

Mapping the brain – Fish First!

fishmoveDid you know fish have many of the same basic brain areas that humans do? We can learn more about depression, Parkinson’s Disease and more!

What surprises you most?

Citizen Science – Yes, that’s you!

reefquestYou can get involved.

Dissect panoramic images, report baby laughter, track species, and more!

What would YOU like to do?