Unexplained lights in space!




PIA19185_ipImage: NASA, JPL


So, there are lights on the dwarf planet Ceres – that the brightest minds cannot explain – only guess at!

What do you think is happening?

Drones for Good!


and this year’s winner is________!

Usually, that is for most drones, a tending to crash into stationary objects would be seen as, well, as a flaw in their design.

“Gimball” excels at this and just won the ‘drones for good award.’

Why do you think this would be an asset – an ideas?

2014 Top Science Breakthroughs (World Science Festival)

BIRD-DNAWhat do you think they were?
Did you already hear about any??

Check it out.

Engineer their light!






Be an engineer – create light!

Why Ruth (Siang Nuk) Tie is an engineering student.

Check out the video about light for homes/families in the dark.

Does that seem like a simple design?

Try learning code with “Frozen”

Picture1tumblr_inline_nfa2lwJoDG1s7qct1Check this out – Disney has created a way to learn code with “Frozen.”

How did it go for you?

Or, do you already know something about coding?

CMU inventions among Popular Science’s Best of What’s New!


Four inventions that trace their roots back to Carnegie Mellon University are among Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” for 2014. Check it out!
What is your favorite?

3D Is Mainstreaming It – Right Here in Cranberry

CoolKidShowingOffPiece-750x400Piecemaker Technologies right here in East Liberty has launched one of the first really mass applications of 3D printing technology in retail, and, announced that Toys”R”Us will offer 3D printing for this holiday season – in (PA) Cranberry and New Jersey.

You will be able to print small gifts and personalized items.

How did the Pittsburgh AlphaLab Gear startup break through and create a product for the childrens’ retail market? The partnership plans really happened after Piecemaker piloted its technology in three independent stores in the region, including S.W. Randall toy stores.

Are you going to go try it out?