The Most Basic Genome for Life


Image: Giphy

Researchers developing the MOST basic genome life requires!

Did you think it was already possible to do this?

New Colors for limes?

860-header-limesColored limes

…redder flesh could actually be healthier.

The limes’ new healthier color is from anthocyanins (AN-thoh-CY-uh-nins). These are natural red and violet plant pigments.

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Gravity waves from black holes verify Einstein’s prediction

What will they figure out first with this new proven knowledge??einstein

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spermbotsA new very viable solution to infertility! Spermbots

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This cutting edge robotic surgery starts in Pittsburgh!

robotsurgeryThis Cutting edge robotic surgery has started first here in Pittsburgh. It’s a flexible robot and specializes in throat and neck surgeries!

What do you think robots can help us do next?

Google Glass, Tricorders and more for your health!



Check what is now and soon to be in your healthcare!

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…most useful??

Who will have the most robots?

world-robot-conferenceIMAGE: WANG ZHAO/AFP

China wants Robots to replace millions of low-paid workers.

They will account for more than a third of all industrial robots installed worldwide by 2018.

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