UBER set to unveil its flying taxi!

Elevate_Scenes_Formation-(1)Are you ready to fly?

As an all-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle it can seat up to four people, back-to-back, and cut a two hour commute down to just 15 minutes.

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New Earths?

056af3c4-05bb-472f-b871-21a44f279d8a-1920-1080New planets that could hold life like Earth?

Would they be like us?

What do you think?

Define Endemism Please!

cubaEndemisim – click on the word to read more and see this video!

Hint Cuba is a prime example.

Because they are  isolated, islands make for natural experiments in evolution, with many islands hosting species that found nowhere else. This phenomenon is called endemism.

Group formed to support good AI

e385cf3745Group formed to support good AI.

Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google and Facebook announced the formation of the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.  We do not see Apple and Tesla.

The group is going to work together on best practices  – important topics as ethics, privacy, transparency, bias, inclusiveness, and safety.

What would you like them to work on?

Stomach ache? Try an origami robot!

85“In this July 13, 2016 photo, a tiny “origami robot” floats, at right, towards a “wound” in a stomach model at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass. Steven Guitron, a mechanical engineering masters student, and others at MIT have developed these tiny ingestible robots which are “folded up” – hence the name – and swallowed in order to complete certain tasks within the body. So far they can be used to patch wounds, remove foreign objects, and even deliver medicine within the body. The robots unfold when ingested, and can be controlled by magnet forces outside of the body. (Elise Amendola/Associated Press)


What uses can you think of for this??

The Most Basic Genome for Life


Image: Giphy

Researchers developing the MOST basic genome life requires!

Did you think it was already possible to do this?

New Colors for limes?

860-header-limesColored limes

…redder flesh could actually be healthier.

The limes’ new healthier color is from anthocyanins (AN-thoh-CY-uh-nins). These are natural red and violet plant pigments.

What do you think?