What Is “Climate Change”?

global-warming-glboe2.jpgglobal-warming-glboe1.jpgglobal-warming-glboe1.jpgMany people question what climate change is and how it is affecting the earth. 


 Climate change  is often used to describe a significant change in the earth’s climate. Global warming is often used to describe the same thing.
Climate change represents a change in these long-term weather patterns. They can become warmer or colder. Annual amounts of rainfall or snowfall can increase or decrease.  Climate change, in current terms, refers to the warming of our climate in a relatively short period of time.  The warming is due to natural processes – and human activities contribute to the acceleration of some and the increased dire consequences of others.  





One response to “What Is “Climate Change”?

  1. Even letting the debate continue, when our species may hang in the balance, says something about us. I argue that there is a certain presumptuousness surrounding our approach to how we are addressing global warming that goes well beyond simply having a short-term perspective. What if the cockroach has a more sustainable position? I recommend the following post: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/climatic-presumption-what-is-the-forecast/

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