What’s a Carbon Footprint? How Do I Find Out Mine?

foot1.gifCarbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.  The footprint analogy is used because it suggests something we leave behind for generations to come.  You can calculate your own Carbon Footprint by entering values into a special calculator.  These numbers include your electricity, gas, oil, and car usage over a year’s time. 

Find your carbon footprint!    Share with us your findings!


2 responses to “What’s a Carbon Footprint? How Do I Find Out Mine?

  1. CO2 in air has nothing to do with temperature increase or climate change. CO2 is a gas once produced by combustion, is consumed by the green chlorophyll in the leaf of every plant by photosynthesis taking Carbon out of CO2, this Carbon is the most important constituent of food for plants, animals, and humans.
    Our planet Earth is experiencing Magnetic Field Reversal, North and South Pole are now in process of exchange. Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen 2009 are hiding these facts and imposing regulations forbidding any emission of CO2, consequently food prices will skyrocket.
    CO2 in air and climate change are affordable, imposing zero CO2 emission has more drastic consequences which no person, country or nation can withstand.
    This letter include very simple and clear facts which can be checked by references.

    Neither CO2 accumulate in air, nor anyone has any Carbon footprint, or even a fingerprint. Once produced by any combustion process, CO2 is consumed by the green chlorophyll which is present in every leaf of every plant, by photosynthesis in presence of light, taking Carbon out of CO2. This Carbon is the most important constituent in all organic and biochemical compounds, including the growth of the plant itself, food we eat, all agricultural products, cotton, paper, meat,…….etc..CO2 is not a nuisance, it is rather a blessing, nature is awaiting for its presence to grow. Studies and projects to store CO2 underground (sequestration) are simply looking for their personal profits.

  2. Best thing really, would be to have all republicans stop breathing! The bodies make great bio-fuel.

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