Video Game That Uses Brain Waves

AFP Photo: A visitor at the Tokyo Game Show tries a brainwave-reading headset as a controler for…

Next year monitors that sense whether the player is focused or relaxed and accordingly and move the character on a personal computer come to children’s gaming in the U. S. The designers think that once people get used to the idea of using brain waves for various applications, we will see various products using this technology. In distance learning courses, for example, teachers could monitor whether students were attentive. Train drivers and motorists could use it to judge their stress levels and alertness.

Japan’s Keio University put similar technology to use this year to let a paralysed man take a virtual stroll on the popular Second Life website, with the machine reading what he wanted to do with his immobile legs. This technology could help people with other types of disabilities. For people with difficulty speaking, this can be a tool for communication.

What uses could you see for this invention?


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