My Genome, My Self


Picure credits:
Jeff Riedel for The New York Times

Some exterior genetic manifestations – the hand and calf of Steven Pinker, who is allowing his genome to be posted on the Internet.

So…what does the new work in genomics tell us about what we really want to know…ourselves? Click & Read My Genomic Self for an interesting and thoughtful look at what we know, what we will know and what do we want to know?

Take who we are – a cosmic mix of nature, nurture and brute chance. The genome is complex – can we sift out what makes you more likely to be you?  “Take height. Though health and nutrition can affect stature, height is highly heritable: no one thinks that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just ate more Wheaties growing up than Danny DeVito. ”

So…what do you know? What do you want to know? …What do you think we can know…and should know??


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