Wow…. Do We Know How to Track It! Some Bests in the ‘Burg

241288-0-0-11–An offer to help a flu researcher is j0284111a surprise… flu-tracking goes viral!

Rhiza, a  South Side company, is now rewriting its business plan while answering inquiries from potential clients. The speed of the posting and its visual nature has value, Knauer and others at Rhiza have quickly learned. When the flu-tracking map went live, the site recorded 60,000 to 70,000 unique visitors, which has since ballooned to 100,000 visitors.  Rhiza is getting calls from the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Homeland Security…all expressing interest in their program!

2–Obama applauds Pittsburgh’s National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance!
Who would suspect a few dozen employees, working in a mild-mannered Pittsburgh business park, are hunting down some of the world’s most wanted online criminals?
NCFTA’s new model is so highly regarded similar cyber centers are being considered in Canada and England. 

What else should we do best…and first in the ‘Burg?


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