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Google Glass, Tricorders and more for your health!



Check what is now and soon to be in your healthcare!

What is most amazing to you?

…most useful??

CMU inventions among Popular Science’s Best of What’s New!


Four inventions that trace their roots back to Carnegie Mellon University are among Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” for 2014. Check it out!
What is your favorite?

Space Apps Challenge – Here in Pittsburgh!

PGHChallenges include software development, open hardware, and data visualization – not just smart phone applications!  Teams will make use of public data to design innovative solutions to a pre-determined set of global challenges. Focus –  space exploration & social needs.
@ the Tech Shop April 12-13

Check back for award winners!

Nanomotors in cells have arrived!

140211120350-nanoparticles-story-topResearchers have, for the first time, installed “nanomotors” inside live human cells. Wow.

They are small synthetic motors, gold rods less than the width of a human hair, that move around inside cells, and might one day be used to treat diseases.

How do you think they could cure diseases?

Jane Bond

Nilofer3-760x427Jane Bond is here!

No time like now for gender equaity.

…Are you a Jane Bond (of IT, science,…)?

Katy Perry, Stephen Hawking and Ashton Kutcher. signed up to blast off!

as pictured on CNN

as pictured on CNN

Book your place in space. with Virgin Glactic…and join the stars.

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Advanced Materials Speed Up Atheletes!

Well, actually they slow them down less. Athletes of all kinds will be wearing the best that science has to offer to shave fractions off their times.

What do you think?

Where Art & Science Intersect!

At Princeton University’s annual Art of Science exhibition you can explore where science and art intersect – each piece reveals those moments of discovery – when what you perceive suddenly becomes more than the sum of the original parts.

What is your favorite? Why??

CMU Hotbed of Innovation!


CMU, as is probably not surprising – is a hotbed of innovation!

READ it and CHOOSE – which seems the coolest to you?!

MAYA’s ‘Phone Booth’ Shows Off!

What is Maya’s ‘phone booth’? What do we need a phone booth for??

FYI – Maya is in the ‘Burg.

What if you could step into a room, touch the walls, and transform them into something else? First they are displaying data you can manipulate with taps/swipes, next you are in an immersive, 360-degree video – someone is skydiving around you. Tap again – the walls are now transparent!

Would you like this technology in your home?