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Define Endemism Please!

cubaEndemisim – click on the word to read more and see this video!

Hint Cuba is a prime example.

Because they are  isolated, islands make for natural experiments in evolution, with many islands hosting species that found nowhere else. This phenomenon is called endemism.

New Colors for limes?

860-header-limesColored limes

…redder flesh could actually be healthier.

The limes’ new healthier color is from anthocyanins (AN-thoh-CY-uh-nins). These are natural red and violet plant pigments.

What do you think?


Robots Take to the Water!

water botsDid you realize there are so many bots in the water?

High Tech Farming- Drones, GPS, & ROBOTS!



Examples of remote sensing in agriculture, top to bottom: vegetation density, water deficit and crop stress.

Image: Susan Moran/NASA

High Tech Farming now includes Drones, GPS, ROBOTS and more, oh my!

Wow, just 100 years ago farming in the U.S. went from animal power…to  combustion engines!

However, these past 20 years global positioning system (GPS), electronic sensors and other new tools see farming well ensconced in technology.

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CMU inventions among Popular Science’s Best of What’s New!


Four inventions that trace their roots back to Carnegie Mellon University are among Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” for 2014. Check it out!
What is your favorite?

Art Park to Generate Wind Energy


It’s a park that generates wind energy!

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Citizen Science – Yes, that’s you!

reefquestYou can get involved.

Dissect panoramic images, report baby laughter, track species, and more!

What would YOU like to do?

Local i5/Science Fair Project – Could Save Millions of Dollars!

fontScience Fair/i5 Video Competition participant live on Huffington Post!

Her knows how to save the US Government millions of dollars.

Just change the font.

How cool is this idea?

Jane Bond

Nilofer3-760x427Jane Bond is here!

No time like now for gender equaity.

…Are you a Jane Bond (of IT, science,…)?

Busy Year for the Environment & NASA


image: Britt Griswold

NASA is launching a precipitation-measuring satellite next month starting a busy year for NASA’s Earth-observation program. This satellite’s measurements will improve scientists’ understanding of climate change and the global water cycle, All totaled the space agency will launch five Earth-science missions this calendar year.

What do you think they might find out?