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Local i5/Science Fair Project – Could Save Millions of Dollars!

fontScience Fair/i5 Video Competition participant live on Huffington Post!

Her knows how to save the US Government millions of dollars.

Just change the font.

How cool is this idea?

Jane Bond

Nilofer3-760x427Jane Bond is here!

No time like now for gender equaity.

…Are you a Jane Bond (of IT, science,…)?

Busy Year for the Environment & NASA


image: Britt Griswold

NASA is launching a precipitation-measuring satellite next month starting a busy year for NASA’s Earth-observation program. This satellite’s measurements will improve scientists’ understanding of climate change and the global water cycle, All totaled the space agency will launch five Earth-science missions this calendar year.

What do you think they might find out?

1st Zero Carbon Footprint Olympics in Rio?

rio-solar-city-towerRio is working to get the summer olympics 2016.

They are working to produce a zero carbon footprint event.

How cool is that.

Do you think they can make it happen?

11 Billion People – Sooner Than We Think!

water-bottlesCredit: Water bottle image via  Shutterstock

11 billion people by the end of this century – wow.

What do you think that will mean?

Hacking Earth??



“Some problems have easy solutions. If we feel sweaty, we’ll head for the shade. If our soup’s too hot, we’ll blow on it. If a room’s too stuffy, we’ll open a window. But what are the options when the planet grows too warm?”

…suppose the Earth is too warm (climate change) – what can we do? Hack it?

“Some researchers propose tinkering with the planet’s climate in several big ways. Adopting any of their proposed projects would be a step so major that many of those same experts hope people will never do it. But if successful, this geoengineering could soften — if not reverse — global warming. The risk: If unsuccessful, geoengineering might make things worse.”

Do we need to try it?

Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life

NGS Picture ID:122644Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life

What do you think?