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New Earths?

056af3c4-05bb-472f-b871-21a44f279d8a-1920-1080New planets that could hold life like Earth?

Would they be like us?

What do you think?

Group formed to support good AI

e385cf3745Group formed to support good AI.

Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google and Facebook announced the formation of the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.  We do not see Apple and Tesla.

The group is going to work together on best practices  – important topics as ethics, privacy, transparency, bias, inclusiveness, and safety.

What would you like them to work on?

This cutting edge robotic surgery starts in Pittsburgh!

robotsurgeryThis Cutting edge robotic surgery has started first here in Pittsburgh. It’s a flexible robot and specializes in throat and neck surgeries!

What do you think robots can help us do next?

Google Glass, Tricorders and more for your health!



Check what is now and soon to be in your healthcare!

What is most amazing to you?

…most useful??

Burrito: Bombs Away!

burritoThe world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system!

Drone to you.

Are you ready for delivery?

High Tech Farming- Drones, GPS, & ROBOTS!



Examples of remote sensing in agriculture, top to bottom: vegetation density, water deficit and crop stress.

Image: Susan Moran/NASA

High Tech Farming now includes Drones, GPS, ROBOTS and more, oh my!

Wow, just 100 years ago farming in the U.S. went from animal power…to  combustion engines!

However, these past 20 years global positioning system (GPS), electronic sensors and other new tools see farming well ensconced in technology.

What’s next?

Try learning code with “Frozen”

Picture1tumblr_inline_nfa2lwJoDG1s7qct1Check this out – Disney has created a way to learn code with “Frozen.”

How did it go for you?

Or, do you already know something about coding?