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spermbotsA new very viable solution to infertility! Spermbots

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Google Glass, Tricorders and more for your health!



Check what is now and soon to be in your healthcare!

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CMU inventions among Popular Science’s Best of What’s New!


Four inventions that trace their roots back to Carnegie Mellon University are among Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” for 2014. Check it out!
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Mapping the brain – Fish First!

fishmoveDid you know fish have many of the same basic brain areas that humans do? We can learn more about depression, Parkinson’s Disease and more!

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Jane Bond

Nilofer3-760x427Jane Bond is here!

No time like now for gender equaity.

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The World’s Smallest Movie

tumblr_mlqfsg6cd81sp4m63o1_400-3_4_r536_c534Can you belive there is a movie made up only of 10,000 carbon dioxide molecules and one atom of oxygen?

Why would someone make this?… read on and see

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Where Art & Science Intersect!

At Princeton University’s annual Art of Science exhibition you can explore where science and art intersect – each piece reveals those moments of discovery – when what you perceive suddenly becomes more than the sum of the original parts.

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CMU Hotbed of Innovation!


CMU, as is probably not surprising – is a hotbed of innovation!

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Imagine  – tape so strong it can hold your weight  AND be peeled off thousands of times – without losing its stickiness!!

A professor of zoology (in Germany), figured out how to make this last year. He used biomimicry, which is the science of looking to nature for inspiration in the design of new technology.

Over billions of years, living things have evolved through a process of trial and error. We can benefit from studying what does and doesn’t work in nature.

Flies, spiders, beetles and geckos all have feet with hundreds of thousands of tiny hairs that grab surfaces and this allows them to walk on walls and ceilings.

In Pittsburgh Nanogriptech is using the gecko for inspiration. Check it out.

What have you noticed ‘cool’ in nature that you think we could learn from?

Sun Cleans Your Clothes – Without Water!?

Yes, the sun may now clean specially coated cotton fabric – no water needed!Scientists in China have developed cotton fabric that uses sunlight to get rid of stains and smells on clothes . This special coating includes photocatalysts which trigger chemical reactions in light. One of these called titanium dioxide helps sunscreen block the sun and it is also used as tattoo ink. Another photocatalst, called silver iodide, is now used for developing photographs.

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