Google Glass, Tricorders and more for your health!



Check what is now and soon to be in your healthcare!

What is most amazing to you?

…most useful??

Who will have the most robots?

world-robot-conferenceIMAGE: WANG ZHAO/AFP

China wants Robots to replace millions of low-paid workers.

They will account for more than a third of all industrial robots installed worldwide by 2018.

What do you think?


How do you design for animals?

860-header-grandin-templekissingcowHow do you design for animals? Temple Grandin, who is Autistic, has a special gift/understanding.

Different brain configuration makes for different gifts.

Any others come to mind?

Robots Take to the Water!

water botsDid you realize there are so many bots in the water?

Burrito: Bombs Away!

burritoThe world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system!

Drone to you.

Are you ready for delivery?

Octopus using tools?

octopusCheck out this video and see what you think!

Is the octopus using a tool?

Spotlight on Solar Power

solar appleApple’s most ambitious project to date is a solar farm, $850 million, enough to power all of Apple’s operations in California. This is the single largest investment in solar power by a non-utility. CEO, Tim Cook, says  it’s the right thing for the company to do ecologically and financially.


High School Student International Science Fair Winner’s Amazing Designs

0They are based on natue – fruit flies, birds – could you think this way? Mihir invites you to.
He has designed inexpensive highly effective robots for search and rescue based on his observations from naure. Check it out in his TEDx teen talk.

High Tech Farming- Drones, GPS, & ROBOTS!



Examples of remote sensing in agriculture, top to bottom: vegetation density, water deficit and crop stress.

Image: Susan Moran/NASA

High Tech Farming now includes Drones, GPS, ROBOTS and more, oh my!

Wow, just 100 years ago farming in the U.S. went from animal power…to  combustion engines!

However, these past 20 years global positioning system (GPS), electronic sensors and other new tools see farming well ensconced in technology.

What’s next?

Unexplained lights in space!




PIA19185_ipImage: NASA, JPL


So, there are lights on the dwarf planet Ceres – that the brightest minds cannot explain – only guess at!

What do you think is happening?